Admen, back in 2006, worked closely with the development team for Oceano, a Net Zero resort community being planned for Roatan in the western Caribbean.  Admen's Scott Rosenke was, at that time, working as a commissioned sales representative for Dan Jenkins, the visionary behind Oceano.  Mr. Jenkins, an Alberta community planner and architect, was the creative influence behind two of Alberta's best known landmark developments, Edmonton's Griesbach community and Calgary's Garrison Woods.


Admen focused on generating qualified sales leads via targeted direct mail campaigns to well defined demographics in Edmonton and Calgary. The island of Roatan is actually the nearest Caribbean island, in terms of flight times, for Albertans to visit and as such, attracting interested buyers was becoming utterly successful for Admen.  The project was well underway and sales were becoming stronger and stronger, that is until the global recession hit in the mid-2000s causing the development to veer off course. Unfortunately, although many deposits had been accepted and construction had already begun, the project's financing dried up quickly under the incredible weight of the global recession.  Scott Rosenke and Mark Burke continue to work together to this day on multiple, successful projects.


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